Our Story

A Wheaton Traditional Since 1921
A cherished landmark in the heart of downtown Wheaton, Illinois at 111 1/4 Front Street – The Little Popcorn Store is perhaps one of the most loved and narrowest stores in the Chicago area measuring 4-feet wide by 64 feet long.

Our Beginnings

In 1921, Wheaton resident E. Claire Brown placed a roof over an alleyway that was only 3.5 feet wide and 30 feet long. Wedged between a barber shop and livery stand, Brown set up his first shop.

Our founder - E Claire BrownDuring his first year, Brown experimented with 10 kinds of popcorn, a half dozen oils, and nearly 100 different recipes to find the perfect combination for his signature popcorn. "It's ordinary cottonseed oil," he said, "with a little bit of something else added." However, Brown never revealed what his "something else" was.

Store Relocated
Fourteen years later in 1935, Brown moved a few doors down to our current location at 111 1/4 Front Street. Placing a roof over the alleyway, the newer store provided much needed space – 1/2 a foot wider and twice as long!

The Popcorn ShoppeA Strong Legacy
According to a newspaper article in the Chicago Daily News dated May 27, 1959, Brown sold $15,000 worth of popcorn in 1958 to over 100,000 popcorn connoisseurs. Many came from all over the Chicago area to buy Brown's popcorn – and some as far away as Milwaukee. When asked why, Brown replied, "most of them say it's the tastiest they can buy anywhere." On many sunny summer Sundays, as many as 50 people at a time could be found lined up in front of the narrow shop ready to buy Brown's delicious popcorn.

Apart from the ingredients, Brown's popcorn magic required the wrist-action of a billiard shark. "While it's cooking," he said, "the popcorn has to be agitated just so. Too much and it won't pop quickly enough. Too little and it burns."

Sharing the Goodness
Brown used to ship his popcorn to friends all over the country. He gave it up, he said, "because of federal interstate commerce regulations." "Plus," he continued, "I had to pay my part-time help too much to make it profitable."

Candy Sweetness
The In Between StoreThe bright eyed retired accountant expanded his offerings beyond popcorn. In the back of the store, Brown had 70 apothecary jars filled with different kinds of penny candy. The candy was sold separately or given away free to children who bought popcorn.

A Legacy Continues
Brown passed his love for popcorn down to his daughter Erma – who ran the store before current owner Bill Wakefield took ownership over 40 years ago.

With a desire to keep the store faithful to how people remembered it, Wakefield made minor improvements, most notably raising the roof to give the store the feeling of more space. In addition, the candy line was expanded, featuring both old favorites and new sweets.

Bill Wakefield making everyone's favorite popcornSignature Popcorn
The secret to our great tasting popcorn is not about special ingredients or seasonings. It's about keeping things simple.

"It's not what we do to the popcorn," says Wakefield, "it's what we don't do."

Today, we use white corn – which is sweeter, smaller, and less tough than yellow corn – plus, it's lighter and doesn't need butter. We also use a little bit of vegetable oil, helping keep your popcorn tasting fresh. To top it off, we add a light amount of salt so you can really get that corn taste.

The Tradition Continues

Today, stepping into the store’s small, quaint space is like stepping back in time. Popcorn is still freshly popped, candy lines the wall, and locals greet each other warmly while welcoming newcomers to this very special place called The Little Popcorn Store.

We look forward to your next visit!