Note Cards

$ 3.00

Imagine opening your mailbox and receiving a handwritten card. In this day of email, texting, and social media – there is something special found in the written word. Share a bit of love from Wheaton with a Little Popcorn Store note card. Great for sending words of encouragement, congratulations, and thank you's.

    Note Card Specifics

    • Printed on white crosshatch Oxford paper for creating a delightful writing surface
    • Substantial 100 lb cover weight for the feeling of elegance and sophistication
    • 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" for just the right amount of writing surface
    • Each note card includes a matching A2 envelope to create the perfect matching set


    • A single note card to write that extra special someone
    • A set of 6 for additional savings


    • Only available for purchase online.





      Wheaton artist Christopher Arndt is known for his much loved photo-paintings, the creative blend of original photography with digital oil painting.

      Christopher observed early on that people tended to hang paintings on their wall – not photographs. With a desire to share his images with more people, he began experimenting with ways to create paintings from his photographs. After years of perfecting his craft, Christopher's artistic renderings resonate with the realism of a photograph combined with the warm, rich colors of a painting.

      His work covers a wide range of subjects, including Chicago, Door County, and other local and national landmarks. Christopher is also sought out for his highly prized commissioned home portraits. He is proud to call Wheaton, IL home where he continues to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

      You can find more of Christopher's work at:
      Christopher Arndt Images
      Door County Images
      Home Sweet Home Portraits