Is the Little Popcorn Store for Sale? September 04 2019

Since Bill’s passing in August 2019, two questions are routinely asked:

1) "Can I buy the Little Popcorn Store?"
2) "Will the Little Popcorn Store continue?"

“No, and yes,” says Donna Wakefield, Bill’s younger sister. “No, the Little Popcorn Store is not for sale, and yes, I’m happy to let everyone know the legacy of the Little Popcorn Store will remain in the family and will continue!”

Donna WakefieldMeet Donna, co-owner of the Little Popcorn Store. While her older brother Bill was the face and personality people most associated with the store – Donna has worked at the store periodically during the last 40 years and is right at home in the narrow confines of the store.

Growing up, Donna was the typical little sister, annoying and always ready to get into Bill's stuff. In fact, Bill regularly locked his door just to keep her out! However, Bill was no innocent brother either. "There was the one time Bill cut off one side of my hair! Mom was NOT amused," says Donna.

The Wakefield Family moved to Wheaton in 1954. "Growing up in Wheaton was idyllic and our father seemed to know everyone in town – a trait Billy certainly inherited," Donna reminisced. "We loved all the activities in town and it was a wonderful time and place to grow up."

After graduating from Wheaton North, Donna went on to earn her bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University in Communication Disorders, a master’s degree from Ball State University in Speech Language Pathology, and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Chicago in Special Education.

Donna currently resides in Oak Park, IL and is a professor of special education at National Louis University in Chicago, IL where she teaches graduate courses in language, literacy, assistive technology and differentiation.

Those who know Donna well also know she is a diehard Cubs fan. “My summers are spent in the bleachers of Wrigley Field,” says Donna. “I have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years. My love of the Cubs is something I shared with both my father and my brother. In fact, I took my dad’s Cubs hat to every World Series game at Wrigley!”

As far as the future of the store, Donna confirms, “before Bill’s passing, I promised him that I would keep the Little Popcorn Store going. While there may be small changes, most of them will be behind scenes. The store everyone knows and loves will live on!”

Donna is already setting her eyes on 2021 when the Little Popcorn Store will celebrate 100 years of making memories while serving delicious popcorn and penny candy to generations of families in Wheaton, IL.

“I can’t wait for the celebration to begin,” exclaims Donna!