New Little Popcorn Store Ornament Announced November 19 2015

After initially selling out of our popular red glass Little Popcorn Store Christmas ornament (don't worry, we reordered), we began pursing the idea of a new Christmas ornament to compliment the red one.

We tasked local Wheaton artist Christopher Arndt with creating the new design.

Feeling we had exhausted the glass globe ornament idea for the moment, we began looking at other options. Brass and porcelain options were explored, however they didn't have the right "feel". We then started looking into pewter ornaments. Apprehensive at first by the substantial increase is cost, we continued to pursue the possibility.

An initial design was created and sent to our newsletter subscribers for their reaction and feedback.

Little Popcorn Store Pewter Ornament - Version One

The initial feedback was positive, though we kept hearing "we miss the door." Desiring an ornament that generated immediate excitement, we scrapped the design and went back to the drawing board.

A designer by profession, artist Christopher Arndt began the painstaking task of rendering our storefront in two-dimensions. A new design was created, and our newsletter subscribers reacted with rabid excitement and delights of glee! Now that's what we were looking for.

Based upon the overwhelming response, we ordered 1,000 pewter ornaments from artisans in Canada. Interestingly, we learned that the red paint has to be painstakingly applied by hand – and the result is stunning.

Little Popcorn Store pewter and glass ornaments
We are very excited about the new pewter ornament of the Little Popcorn Store – and it is the perfect compliment to the red ornament.

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