Christmas Ornament Announced November 14 2014

Did you hear? We're making a Christmas ornament! In fact, we ordered 1,500 ornaments and they should arrive the week after Thanksgiving.

Several years ago, the Paper House in Wheaton, IL made an ornament that was very popular. Sadly, the Paper House is no longer in business, and people have been asking us if we have any ornaments for sale.

We recently posted the following question on our Facebook Page:


The response we received showed overwhelming interest. In fact, as of this writing, over 400 people wrote in saying they supported the idea and desired an ornament.

Research began in earnest to locate a company who could meet our requirements and quick turn-around time. We finally located a small all-American company in Texas who could handle the responsibility. We've been working closely with them the last two weeks, and are now in the manufacturing stage. The ornaments are being printed in Colorado U.S.A.

We have no idea if they will sell quickly, or if we'll be sitting on inventory for the next 5 years. I guess we're about to find out.

Buy your Christmas ornament today!