New Little Popcorn Store Ornament Announced November 19 2015

After initially selling out of our popular red glass Little Popcorn Store Christmas ornament (don't worry, we reordered), we began pursing the idea of a new Christmas ornament to compliment the red one.

We tasked local Wheaton artist Christopher Arndt with creating the new design.

Feeling we had exhausted the glass globe ornament idea for the moment, we began looking at other options. Brass and porcelain options were explored, however they didn't have the right "feel". We then started looking into pewter ornaments. Apprehensive at first by the substantial increase is cost, we continued to pursue the possibility.

An initial design was created and sent to our newsletter subscribers for their reaction and feedback.

Little Popcorn Store Pewter Ornament - Version One

The initial feedback was positive, though we kept hearing "we miss the door." Desiring an ornament that generated immediate excitement, we scrapped the design and went back to the drawing board.

A designer by profession, artist Christopher Arndt began the painstaking task of rendering our storefront in two-dimensions. A new design was created, and our newsletter subscribers reacted with rabid excitement and delights of glee! Now that's what we were looking for.

Based upon the overwhelming response, we ordered 1,000 pewter ornaments from artisans in Canada. Interestingly, we learned that the red paint has to be painstakingly applied by hand – and the result is stunning.

Little Popcorn Store pewter and glass ornaments
We are very excited about the new pewter ornament of the Little Popcorn Store – and it is the perfect compliment to the red ornament.

Order your Christmas ornaments today! >>

Little Popcorn Store in Lego March 12 2015

Wow - this is so cool! Check out The Little Popcorn Store in Lego by master builder Jameson Gagnepain. Thanks Jameson for sharing your creation with us!

To see more of Jameson's amazing Lego creations, please visit:

Front Page News | Pop Art December 11 2014

Hey, look at that! The Little Popcorn Store made the front page of the Wheaton Suburban Life! How cool is that?

Christmas Ornaments are Here! December 02 2014

All 1,500 Christmas Ornaments arrived safely and are now available for purchase both at the store and online.

Remember, the store is cash-only. Hours: M-Sat 10am-9pm / Sun 12pm-5pm

Christmas Ornament Announced November 14 2014

Did you hear? We're making a Christmas ornament! In fact, we ordered 1,500 ornaments and they should arrive the week after Thanksgiving.

Several years ago, the Paper House in Wheaton, IL made an ornament that was very popular. Sadly, the Paper House is no longer in business, and people have been asking us if we have any ornaments for sale.

We recently posted the following question on our Facebook Page:


The response we received showed overwhelming interest. In fact, as of this writing, over 400 people wrote in saying they supported the idea and desired an ornament.

Research began in earnest to locate a company who could meet our requirements and quick turn-around time. We finally located a small all-American company in Texas who could handle the responsibility. We've been working closely with them the last two weeks, and are now in the manufacturing stage. The ornaments are being printed in Colorado U.S.A.

We have no idea if they will sell quickly, or if we'll be sitting on inventory for the next 5 years. I guess we're about to find out.

Buy your Christmas ornament today!


Where in the world did you go? November 04 2014

After our first post on our Facebook Page, we were completely blown away by the responses of everyone writing in. Who knew this little alleyway store meant so much to so many people?

Then we became curious and asked a follow-up question: where does everyone live today?

The response was fascinating. Here's a map of the responses, plus a chart showing the Top 10 countries and cities.

We are on Facebook October 30 2014

On October 29, 2014 Bill posted for the first time on our Facebook Page. Here is what he wrote:


Greetings from the Little Popcorn Shop! Bill Wakefield here - and my first post to my Facebook Page.

I would like to publicly thank Eric Senske who had the foresight five years ago to set up this Facebook Page on my behalf. He also graciously maintained the Page to keep it family-friendly. Thank you Eric!

During these five years, this Page has grown to over 10,000+ likes. I am overwhelmed by your support and the interest you've shown over the decades in this narrow alleyway store.

In the days ahead, I look forward to sharing interesting trivia and historical tidbits about the store, as well as local Wheaton news I hope you will find interesting. I'm also planning to have Popcorn Shop memorabilia available for you, which has been very popular in the store - just in time for Christmas! Stay tuned.

So, the next time you're in Wheaton, be sure to stop in and say "hello". It will be good to see you again.

Time to make more popcorn.

With appreciation,

- Bill


Well, the response was amazing! In the 5 days since Bill posted, here are some fascinating statistics:

    • An additional + 1,000 Page likes were generated
    • Post reached + 54,000 people
    • + 2,000 post likes
    • + 30 new reviews

    Again, just wow! Thanks everybody.